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Empowering Women through Cooking (EWC) - Jordan was the first validation of the ET model.  Aiming to address hunger and hunger-related issues in the country, it included the stories and recipes of 54 women from diverse cross-sections of Jordanian society - a stay-at-home mother, a refugee, a senator, a women living with ALS.  Their recipes represented both traditional Arab cuisine such as Mansaf and Musakhan and non-traditional fusions stemming from the unique backgrounds of the women who created them.


EWC - Jordan is the product of the unique and dynamic collaborations between the stakeholders involved such as the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts who lended the project the skills of their talented instructors and students who prepared the recipes for photographing, MedLabs Consultancy Group who contributed the nutritional information, and Readers who were integral in printing and publishing the cookbook, a portion of the proceeds of which go to our partners, the UN World Food Programme and Tkiyet Um Ali, a local organization combating hunger.

To celebrate the launching of EWC - Jordan, an exclusive event was held in March 2018 at the Landmark Hotel in Amman and the cookbook is now available for purchase from Amazon, Jamalon, Readers, and Queen Alia International Airport.


Click here for a glimpse of the Empowering Women through Cooking - Jordan cookbook