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Empowering Women through Painting (EWP) - Jordan is the second validation of the ET model. Aiming to address gender inequality in regards to social justice, this book features the stories and artwork of 88 women artists of diverse backgrounds and experiences living in Jordan. The book includes sections on contemporary art, the role of art in therapy, and how to start and scale a business as an artist. 


EWP - Jordan is the result of dynamic collaboration between the project’s stakeholders. Among them is the Ministry of Culture, who provided connections to the diverse group of participating artists, various art galleries around Jordan, a university art department, and other civil society stakeholders who played a vital role in the project. A portion of the proceeds from the book goes to the United Nations Population Fund and the Jordan River Foundation under the Seven’s World cause One Justice System, which addresses gender-based violence.


The launch of EWP - Jordan was marked by an exclusive event held on 20 March 2019 at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. The book is now available for purchase from Amazon, Jamalon, and Readers.



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