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Empowering Women through Painting (EWP) is a project that aims to economically and socially empower women and to celebrate both the diversity of women artists around the world and the vibrancy of the art scene cultivated by these artists.

The women included in every EWP project are artists from a multitude of ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, abilities, and experiences and each has her individual story showcased alongside her work on a bilingual platform.  Through EWP, the contributors are connected to an ecosystem in which they have access to the resources they need to turn their passion for art into viable revenue streams. A portion of the proceeds from each book is given to the UNFPA and a local aid agency under the Seven’s World cause One Justice System.

Empowering Women through Painting strives to support women economically by connecting them to stakeholders to create sustainable income and socially by promoting their work as a valuable contribution to the art world. It is our vision that by engaging all stakeholders, including art galleries, museums, microfunds, and relevant civil society and government entities, we will create an ecosystem in which individual artists are fully supported by an interconnected and empowered community.


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