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Empowering Women through Cooking (EWC) is a series of unique cookbooks that aim to economically and socially empower women and combat hunger by implementing sustainable solutions, making a specific effort to engage traditionally overlooked and relegated communities. Featuring the stories and recipes of women from diverse cross-sections of society, EWC cookbooks showcases each contributor’s passion and skill for culinary arts. The project began with Empowering Women through Cooking - Jordan and its success has so far resulted in the replication of EWC in 20 countries with a portion of the net sales from each book sold going directly to the UN World Food Programme (UNWFP) and a local aid agency addressing hunger in support of the Seven’s World cause Feeding All.

In addition to the immediate effects on contributors, the impact of EWC is how individuals, stakeholders, and their communities are connected through their participation in the project as we aim to create a platform through which stakeholders are given information about potential partnerships and opportunities for innovative collaboration. By connecting stakeholders such as grocery stores, culinary schools, restaurants and other businesses, mutually beneficial partnerships are formed, trust between entities and sectors is built, and shared responsibility to address hunger.



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