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Empowering Youth through Painting (EYP) is an art book series that aims to economically and socially empower young artists around the world, celebrate the diverse talents and artistic abilities of such artists, and unlock their potential to shape the future of their respective art scenes.  A portion of the proceeds from each book is given to the UNDP and a local aid agency under the Seven’s World cause Feel Good Gifting.


EYP promotes each artists’ work by showcasing a chosen piece of art alongside their individual stories. Artists are engaged and integrated into a platform on which to express themselves and their opinions and through this self-expression and the connections formed between the stakeholders of the art community, contributors are socially empowered.  Furthermore, they are economically empowered as they are connected to an ecosystem in which they can access the resources needed to transform their passion for art into a viable way to generate personal revenue.


An empowered community of young artists have the ability to shape their cultures through their work and to create conversations amongst their communities.  EYP hopes to be a sustainable source of youth empowerment as it continues to celebrate and support these young creatives.


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