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Implemented under the Seven’s World cause One Healthcare System, Empowering Women through Healthy Living (EWHL) is a book series that aims to economically and socially empower women through healthy living habits and to showcase the skills, knowledge, and passion of women working within the world of health and wellness.

Through the sharing of individual experiences and approaches to a healthy lifestyle, EWHL aims to create an interconnected ecosystem in which contributors and the representatives of all involved stakeholders support and empower one another in maintaining a healthy body, mind, and soul.  Health is more than just physical well-being, so by emphasizing the importance of mental wellness and feeding one’s soul, EWHL offers a balanced and comprehensive source of social empowerment. Additionally, the ecosystem of stakeholders creates an environment for economic empowerment as all contributors have access to the resources they need to begin scaling their businesses and generating revenue through their love of healthy living.

The importance of the balance between body, mind, and soul is told through the stories and advice of women with a passion for fitness, nutrition, meditation, medicine, and more. The connections forged by EWHL not only help to empower individuals to live healthy lifestyles but also help to build stronger and more interconnected communities.


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